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Sausage Lovers Mini Crate

Sausage Lovers Mini Crate

Pure Sausage Bliss | Smoked Delights & More

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For the sausage lover in your life. The finest selection of smoked sausages and a pack of assorted lyoners!

A Smoky Symphony for the Sausage Fanatic

Treat the sausage aficionado in your life to the Sausage Lovers Mini Crate! This curated selection features a mouthwatering medley of smoked sausages alongside a pack of assorted lyoners for a truly satisfying snacking experience.

Pure Sausage Perfection in Every Bite

Indulge in the rich, smoky notes and unique textures of various sausages. Each bite is a delicious adventure, perfect for satisfying cravings or impressing guests. This mini crate is the perfect way to savor premium sausages on the go, at picnics, or as a delightful anytime snack.

A Gift for the Sausage Lovers

Filled with expertly crafted meats, this crate is perfect for those who appreciate premium sausage's rich, smoky flavors. Whether it's for a birthday, Father's Day,  a special occasion or just because, this thoughtful gift will leave a lasting impression.

Packed in a Mini Crate with Eucalyptus Sprigs:

  • Dijon Mustard (210g)
  • Cervelat Sausages (2)
  • Hungarian Sausages with Cheese (2)
  • Wienerli Sausages (4)
  • Assorted Lyoners (200g)

Indulge in the joy of gifting and savor the moments shared over these delicious treats. Our Sausage Lovers Mini Crate is not just a gift; it's an experience of flavor and enjoyment.

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