Top 10 Fresh Flower Care Tips

  1. When you receive your flowers, immediately cut 1 inch from the tip of the stems at a diagonal and place in a vase with clean water.
  2. Make sure your vase is always washed with soapy water to prevent bacteria from infecting new water and flowers.
  3. Add a little bit of bleach to your vase water to prevent bacterial growth which makes flowers wither faster.
  4. Keep flowers especially roses away from an electric fan, strong breeze, or wind which can make the flowers go limp and soft very fast.
  5. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and hot temperatures. Don't leave them in a hot car for any amount of time.
  6. Change vase water every 1 to 2 days. Make sure to cut stems again before placing in new water.
  7. When receiving a boxed, crated, or basket arrangement, pour 1 cup of water everyday into the floral foam where the flowers can drink from their stems. Floral foams retain water well but may dry up faster esp if a lot of thirsty flowers are planted on it. You can add 1/2 cup to more than 1 cup a day depending on how big the arrangement is.
  8. Some flowers like peonies and stargazers need a lot of water to help them open. Tulips don't need that much water or they would open too much too fast. Each flower's behavior is different and learning about flowers is so much fun!
  9. Make sure to remove any leaves from the stems that are submerged in vase water. If you leave the leaves in the water, they rot faster and spread bacteria in the water- making your other flowers wither faster.
  10. When buying flowers for your loved ones, make sure to buy from a trusted flower delivery shop such because you can be sure they they care for the flowers properly from shipment arrival all the way to arranging them for delivery to you. All Bloomingails arrangements use the freshest flowers available so you can enjoy your flowers longer.
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