Caring for your Dried Flowers

Dried flowers is all the rage now and why not! They are beautiful, ethereal, and very rustic chic. And with the supply and demand growing, you can find dried flowers in all the colors of the rainbow in pastel and vibrant hues!  Most of all, they are practical as they keep well. 
But contrary to what we think, that dried flowers last forever, they do not. And especially in a humid country like ours, in the rainy season, you might encounter mold problems! 
So here are some tips on how to care for your dried flowers so they will last longer and stay beautiful longer too!
  1. Do not keep moving them around so as to prevent shedding.
  2. Keep away colorful arrangements from direct sunlight or even a brightly lit window because light and heat cause the colors of naturally dried flowers to fade.
  3. To clean dried flowers, use a hair blower in a cool setting to blow away the dust that accumulates between petals gently.
  4. Keep away from humid conditions or moist places. Dried flowers are natural and biodegradable and are prone to molds. If your arrangement do get molds, try to save them by spraying lightly with a mix of water with bleach or clorox and let dry in the sun completely. Do not leave out too long as the colors may fade. Some use Lysol too.
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