Christmas Fresh Mini Abies Nobilis Pine Tree

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Bloomingail's Christmas fresh mini abies Nobilis pine trees are customized with all-natural dried flower ornaments and ribbons!

Choose from Nobilis Pine tree sizes below:

Nobilis Pine tree 40 cm: 5,500
Nobilis Pine tree 50 cm: 6,900

Choose the colors of your ornaments:

Pastel Pink and White
Pink and Gold
Classic Red and gold
Frosty White
Pastel blue and white
Warm orange and red
Special requests are accommodated

Let us work our magic! :)
Leadtime for orders: 1 week
Each design is customized, no design is exactly the same.

DIY trees: You can also choose to hang your ornaments yourself on your own tree - we will provide the ornaments and the tree. Great activity if you have kids! :)

The trees will dry up on its own and last for 6 months to 1 year. It will become more fragrant as it dries.

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